Bombshell Derby

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Welcome to Bombshell Derby!

On behalf of the entire league, welcome to the Bombshell Derby Girls!! We are a all female flat track roller derby league founded in 2012. Whether you are new to roller skating or have been doing it for years,WE WANT YOU! Roller derby is for women of all shapes, sizes, skill levels, professions, and backgrounds. Once you join, you’ll find a fantastic exercise routine, meet a diverse group of women, and participate in family friendly entertainment all while having the time of your life! We also welcome volunteers and support staff,including referees, trainers, scorekeepers, announcers,and promoters.

Roller derby involves a significant commitment in terms of time and effort, but we (and hopefully you!) feel it is well worth the investment! Skaters are required to wear the following equipment: quad skates, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, multi-impact (NOT single impact) helmet, and a mouth guard. (Please note:IF SKATES ARE ON, all safety gear must be on at all times. Skates should be the last thing a skater puts on when gearing up and the first thing they take off when gearing down.) Practice is $5 (skate rental included). We have pads and helmets to rent for $5, these items are rent to own. Mouth guards are $1 or you can bring your own. When you first join the league, you are considered “Fresh Meat”. The time it takes to progress from Fresh Meat to acompeting skater depends on a number of factors,including your incoming skill level, practice attendance, speed of acquiring skills, etc.

Come join the action at Outskirts Fun Center (Click Here for Directions) in Macomb.

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You can find helpful information about the game and community of roller derby online: 

Thank you for your interest! We hope to be skating with you soon!!